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Abstract Services of Houston (ASOH) offers a full range of customized services for our clients. With over 50 years of experience in the Title Insurance and Abstracting industries, the staff at ASOH is prepared to provide our clients with the best in real estate research.

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Ray Nunez

Sr. Vice President – Director Abstract Services of Houston a division of Title Houston Holdings
James T. Henderson-Abstract Services of Houston-a division of Title Houston Holdings


James T. Henderson

Vice President – Title Operations

Real Property Research

Note: In addition to the prices below, we pass through any charges incurred for mileage and court records that must be ordered directly from the Courthouse.

Ownership and Lien Searches

We will provide a report containing current ownership, voluntary lien search and an involuntary lien search that includes Bankruptcy, judgments and Federal and/or State Tax Liens.
(Residential/ Commercial are 150.00, (for parcels under 5 acres). Commercial parcels over 5 acres (Please Ask for a Quote)

Nothing Further Certificates

We will provide a report and all documents of record, on a parcel of land, coming forward from a particular date set by you forward. (Also called an Abstract of Title)
(Residential = $125.00, Commercial and Acreage = $150.00)

Deed Report

We will provide a report and a copy of the current vesting deed.
(Residential = $25.00, Commercial and Acreage = $35.00)

If the property is held in title through Probate/Divorce/condemnation an additional fee will be applicable to obtain the necessary items from the Courthouse.
(HOA attorneys pay $19.00 and $30.00 respectively)

Historical Deed Search/Chain of Title

We provide a report that chronologically sets out vesting documents on a tract of land from a specific point in time forward.
(Standard 50 Year: Residential $150.00, Commercial and Acreage $200.00)

Adjoining Property Search

We provide the best available map of the area along with copies of the subject tract vesting documents and deeds on the adjoining properties. Easements and road right of way are included on the customer’s request or if deemed necessary by the abstractor.
(Residential $25.00 per tract, Commercial and Acreage $35.00 per tract. Road Row research $45.00 per hour)

Easement Research

We will research the subject tract for any recorded easements.
(Residential = $150.00, Commercial and Acreage = 250.00)

TXDOT, County and other Governmental Maps can be supplied.
(Call for pricing).

Pipeline Easement Research

We will research pipeline easements for the following items: We will attempt to locate the easement relative to the subject property. If the easement is a blanket easement or does not have a locatable legal description we will attempt to locate the current holder of the easement and request the necessary documents for the delineation of the exact location of the easement.
($50.00 per hour)

Name Search

We will provide a report detailing any Bankruptcy Proceedings, Federal Liens, State Tax Liens, UCC Search, Abstracts of Judgment, Divorce Proceedings and Probate Proceedings filed of record in a particular county or jurisdiction under the name of a particular individual or company. Note: Similar names may be found and included and additional information may be required in order to eliminate certain documents that may not apply caused by common or similar names. Note: If our customer requires only one or some of the above the report will be tailored to meet your needs.
($45.00 per name)

Title Report/City Planning Letter

We will provide a full examination of the subject property and issue a report detailing vesting title and all encumbrances.

Document Retrieval

We will provide copies of any documents that are available to the public. The customer must supply the recording reference number. Certified copies are provided upon request.
(Call for quote)

Consultation Services

We will provide consult for any property that we have provided the research.
($50.00 per hour)

Expert Testimony

We offer expert witness testimony on projects that we have participated in the underlying research.
($200.00 per hour plus expenses)

Providing Research for Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Brazoria, Galveston, Waller, Liberty And Chambers Counties

We maintain a database of abstractors in numerous counties throughout Texas.
Please ask us about any county.  We are always willing to help.