John H. Duncan, Jr.Chairman

John H. Duncan Jr. has been in the title insurance and real estate business for over 30 years. Mr. Duncan started his career in the real estate development business focusing on commercial development and residential condominium development.  This led to becoming a  founding investor of Charter Title Company in 1982.  In 1986, Mr. Duncan  became Chairman and CEO of Charter.  In 1993, Charter sold to Lawyers Title, and Mr. Duncan continued as Chairman and CEO until 2008.  Mr. Duncan is owner of Haven Development, a senior non-assisted apartment business in the Houston market place.  In 2010, he purchased control of V&C Title which was later renamed Title Houston Holdings.  Mr. Duncan was a former Investment Advisor to the Texas Teachers Pension fund in the mid 1990’s, and he has held numerous for-profit and charitable board positions in the Houston Area.